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  • EMPOWER HOUR                 
    Business Coaching with Brian Alquist of Action Coach
    The Empower Hour Series is designed to offer business owners useful insights on solutions to today's most common business challenges while providing motivational and encouragement to bring about meaningful and sustainable business improvements. 
    Tuesday, March 13 - Setting the Foundation
    The program is designed to build a strong strategic foundation for your business and will help you develop the mindset needed to set meaningful and reaching goals. Lay the groundwork for the future course for your business and start down a new and exciting path with confidence.
    Tuesday, April 10 - Managing your Scarcest Resource - Time
    “The bad news is that time flies… the good news is that you are the pilot…”  Learn to manage your scarcest resource and to become more efficient in your daily routine. You’ll gain new insights into the time habits of successful business owners and acquire the tools needed to become one.
    Tuesday, May 8 - Who’s on your Bus?
    A comprehensive overview underscoring the importance of recruiting and retaining employees that are capable of taking your business to the next level. Information about the Four Hour Hiring Process will be presented including a practical example of how the time and cost saving process has been applied in small businesses for recruiting experienced professionals.